IES International LED Lighting

Proud Sponsor of the WSTR
December 12, 2021

The 15th annual Ariat WSTR Finale saw record payouts! Furthermore, the 9.5 Finale roping set a record for being the richest team roping payout in history. The winning team of Bud Swagel and Mike Foster split a whopping $352,000.  But the team ropers were not the only ones shining like gold at the WSTR Finale.

A massive thank you goes out to Lory Merit and Dru Stuart with DruStu Marketing for the superior sponsorship services received at the WSTR Finale.  From the IES commercial on the big screen produced by DruStu Marketing to highly visible arena signage, booth placement, and public address announcements, the entire event gave a BRAND-NEW meaning to the term FIRST-CLASS!  IES International Roping Lights couldn’t be
prouder to sponsor such a wonderful group of people represented by the team roping community.

“We knew there was a strong need for more information on the benefits of LED lights as the best solution for arenas, barns, parking lots, and other areas outside of barns and other facilities in the team roping community. But the desire to learn more about LED lighting solutions far exceeded our already high expectations,” said Trevor Logan, VP of the Farm and Ranch division at IES International Team Roping Lights. 

Reyes Macedo, Director of Operations at IES International Team Roping Lights, and Bill McIvor, co-owner of parent company IES Ventures, talk to an interested roper about a complete LED lighting solution for his indoor and outdoor arenas, barns, and parking area at the 15th Annual WSTR Finale.

“We had wonderful conversations with so many great people. The conversations ranged from those looking to provide brighter and safer lighting in horse and cattle barns by using our LED sealed fluorescents. We also had interest from a very large facility in upstate New York. They asked us to provide multiple solutions including the ability to brighten their large outdoor arena. They hold nightly rodeos in the summer and draw very large crowds. Our High Bay 500 watt LED Sports Lights will work perfectly for them.  At the same time, they wanted the ability to dim the lights when they host music concerts,” explained Bill McIvor, co-owner of IES Ventures. “Our LED lighting solution for outdoor arenas can easily handle both applications.”

Important Reminder:  Be sure to check with your local power company for rebates you can earn for installing LED lights. 

To request your own LED arena light quote, CLICK HERE to talk with you about the best-customized solution for your situation.  You can also email Trevor Logan at or call him direct at 817-776-2143 today. 

Remember, we buy directly from the manufacturer cutting out middlemen like wholesalers and distributors making our LED light application prices very competitive and cost-effective.


If given the choice, why not………….Rope In the daylight at Night!