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Safety is Our #1 Priority
September 26, 2022

Safety Is Our #1 Priority

At IES International LED Lighting, we take safety very seriously.  Therefore, our motto is:  SAFER – BETTER – SMARTER.  In addition to providing the best LED lights on the market, we also help our clients identify and fix other potential safety hazards found in their barns and around their facilities.  Below are three examples of how we helped the John Volken Ranch identify and repair three situations that could’ve created potential electrical safety hazards to horses and people.

As you can see in the image above, above the wash racks located in the barns at the John Volken Ranch were a mixture of old florescent and old LED technology that were potentially unsafe.  For example, the old fixtures were either T12 or T8 florescent tubes that were exposed to all outside elements. These fixtures many times were accidentally sprayed with water. This factor created the significant potential for risk of electrical shock that luckily hadn’t yet happened. As you can see in the picture above, the new lights we installed are now vapor tight fixtures designed to seal the electrical components from all outside elements.  Notice how these new lights are also smartly joined with rain-tight connectors to ensure water stays out.

We were also asked to address and correct other safety factors in the barns at the John Volken Ranch.  For example, the electrical outlets and switches were found to be unsafe because the outlets for fans for individual horses, needed during the sizzling Arizona summer heat, were too low allowing horses to reach cords and chew on them. In the picture above qualified workers are installing the necessary electrical components to correct this potentially unsafe situation for horses.

Other outlets were high enough to keep out of reach from the horses, but then boarders had to climb up to plug and unplug fans.  Having to do this was unsafe for boarders and potentially for horses.  We also found that most of the outlets were not weatherproof outlets. In the image above you can see where we relocated all electrical outlets, so they are now out of reach of horses.  We followed that up by adding switches to easily turn fans on and off from the ground instead of scaling walls and posts to plug in and unplug the fans.  In addition, we added weatherproof covers to make sure to seal out moisture.

With IES International LED Lighting, now you too can “Rope In The Daylight at Night!”

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