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LED Arena Light Difference Revealed
November 19, 2021

See The LED Difference for Yourself

Until recently the John Volken Ranch covered arena was lit by sixty-five 324-watt florescent light fixtures.   The lighting seemed adequate for the most part, that is until IES International Team Roping Lights showed them the difference in the light quality produced by their Round High Bay (affectionately dubbed UFO because of their appearance) 200-watt LED lights.

The picture above represents a side by side comparison.  This picture was taken when the left half of the arena had been converted to the IES Round High Bay 200-watt LED Lights.  The other half on the right side was still lit by old fluorescent light technology.  As you can clearly see, the quality difference is more than obvious. 

Note the shadows running down the arena on the right side and how much yellower the florescent light is compared to the natural brightness of the LED lights on the left.  What’s missing on the left side?  You guessed it.  There are no shadows since the LED Round High Bay light fixtures focus the light at a downward angle rather than out at 360 degrees.

The image above is an overhead shot above the roping boxes.  You can see the superior quality light generated by the LED’s in the heading box compared to the dimmer and yellower light in the healing box from the old florescent lights.

No Shadows – Superior Natural Light Quality – Much Less Expensive to Operate!

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The image above is from the Volken Ranch covered arena with all new LED High Bay Round lights.
The arena light is much brighter with a huge reduction in shadows, especially down the middle.

Yes, but that isn’t all there is to the story when it comes to showing how superior LED’s are compared to other non-LED light technology.  The John Volken Ranch covered arena above has a total of 65 light fixtures in this arena.  LED’s use 124 less watts per fixture per hour compared to the old florescent lights.  That equates to 8 kilowatts of less energy used per hour by the LED’s. Better because they now have superior light quality and at a savings to boot! 

Safer – Better -Smarter

Rope In The Daylight at Night with IES LED Arena Lights!

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