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LED Area Lights are Safer-Better-Smarter Too!
September 26, 2022

LED Area Lights are Safer-Better-Smarter Too!

Most horse facilities have activities occurring at all hours of the day and night.  This is certainly the case at the John Volken Ranch.  Having the best light possible throughout their beautiful facility to ensure safety and security is a top priority for them. 

When IES International Arena Lights was asked to do a complete assessment of all their lighting and make recommendations for improvements, we saw putting LED lights in their parking facilities was another good place to start. This image says it all!

In the picture above are two parking lot area lights at the Volken Ranch. On the pole on the right are 4 x 1000w metal halide lights.  On the closer pole on the on the left are our 4 x 300w LED lights.  Notice the light radius from the Halide lights is approximately 40 feet compared to nearly 120 feet with the LED’s. 

You can clearly see how the halide lights on the right are very intense at the base but the light dissipates quickly whereas the LED light radiates across a much larger area providing significantly more light where it is needed.

Here is the smartest part. More light along with better light quality using about 66% less energy! 

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