Foot Candle

IES International LED Lighting

Foot Candle Explanation

A foot candle is a measurement of light intensity. One foot-candle is defined as enough light to saturate a one-foot square with one lumen of light. Essentially it is a measurement of the amount of light being put out from the light fixture in that area. Think of an office space that has 2×4 tube fixtures, the “foot-candle” reading would be taken in between the fixtures, desk height. That reading is the accurate reading for what that fixture is putting out. 

This plays a factor in having a well-lit arena because there are multiple factors. IES uses photometric to determine how the sufficient foot candle requirements are met. The factors that are in play when getting the photometric engineered are as follows: mounting height of the light on the pole, how many luminaires are used, the specifications of the luminaires, and the length and width of the arena. 

Below is a list of footcandle readings to reference:

  • IES Goal to “take covered arena lighting outside” done by taking 17-25 footcandles to outdoor arenas
  • School Classroom: 50 foot-candles
  • Commercial office spaces: 20 Foot-Candles
  • *John Volken Academy-Gilbert, Arizona (Covered Arena): Currently 17-25 Taking to 38-42 Foot Candles with LED’s*
  • South Point Hotel Arenas- Las Vegas: 60 Foot-candles
  • *Rancho Rio- Wickenburg, Arizona: Currently 2.5-5 Foot-Candles taking to 17-25 with LED’s*