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IES started out as an exceptional integrated energy reduction and renewable energy partner across the United States and Canada with offices in Vancouver, Toronto Canada, and Wickenburg, AZ.

IES is an independently owned and operated company that gives our clients a step up in adapting to the needs of every client we serve. IES is agnostic in its approach, beholden to no one supplier or consulting group and this has many energy savings integrated solutions ranging from LED lights, battery storage, controls, and solar. IES has developed HVAC products that monitor and control systems, saving energy, and providing clean air quality in buildings to 99.9% particulate and pathogen-free. 

IES has just introduced an International Team Roping LED Lighting division and is the exclusive lighting energy efficiency and air quality supply company of the WSTR, NTR, and USTRC in the United States and Canada. 

As a company, we have seen there is a need in the roping industry to look at safe night roping for the riders and horses. We are designing, sourcing, and installing arena lighting packages with our LED sports lights and new composite FRP poles. We are equipped with 3 models to suit everyone’s requirements and at affordable prices. 

We will work with the client setting up the arenas with the most appropriate partners with all roping equipment along with our lighting and pole packages. We look after the photometric of each arena to show the client a full range of light quality and affordable prices. We also have an off-balance-sheet finance program that can be suited to all client’s needs; even with no money down. 

We are focusing on all the arena owners, from the smallest to the biggest, providing the highest value solutions, manufacture direct relationships, buying power, and experience. 

In addition to new builds, we will look at upgrading existing arenas with leading-edge innovations, as well as providing the client step by step implementation programs that allow site operators to upgrade at their own pace and at the same time future proof their arenas for upgrades.

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